“Without a doubt, Lindsay is a self-starter who is always striving to reach a higher level of work. I was blown away by her work ethic, attention to detail, professionalism and talent. She’s able to paint pictures with her prose, clearly explain complex subjects and make anything fun to read. Whoever has the chance to work with her is lucky indeed.”

- Johanna Love, Deputy Editor, Jackson Hole News&Guide

“As editor of Newnan-Coweta Magazine, I have a stable of freelance writers I rely on in order to produce a quality read. Lindsay is among those scribes who lead the way. She doesn’t rest on her laurels and wait for a call from me for an assignment; she’s always pitching potential story ideas or suggesting other ways to improve our product. She’s personable, talented and forward-thinking. She “gets” the big picture and understands the value of teamwork, though her ability to work independently – without constant direction from me – also is noteworthy. Ironically, as I write my testimonial, she’s just contacted me in order to find out when her next deadline is scheduled (well over a month away). Any editor will tell you that degree of communication and dedication from a writer makes our job so much easier.”

- Will Blair, Editor, Newnan-Coweta Magazine

“When Lindsay served as an intern at the Washington Examiner, I could always count on her to respond quickly, accurately, and thoroughly to all my research requests — and with a terrific attitude as well! Lindsay has a strong work ethic and a good sense of what counts as real news. She will be an asset to any newsroom or office.”

- Quin Hillyer, senior editor, The American Spectator

 “It is my pleasure to recommend Lindsay Wood, a 2008 fall National Journalism Center intern assigned to the editorial pages of The Washington Examiner, for your consideration.Unlike some internships, The Examiner provides real-world journalistic experience. Ms. Wood did research for our editorials and opinion features, attended editorial board meetings, and helped compile our daily letters to the editor column in addition to other critical tasks. In short, she was an integral part of our editorial page staff and performed admirably under tight daily deadline pressure. Her ability to work independently under minimal supervision in a hectic newsroom such as ours will no doubt hold her in good stead in all her future professional endeavors.”

              – Barbara Hollingsworth, local opinion editor, Washington Examiner